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Special Presentations about Technological Development

Development of the Mazda CX-60

The CX-60 is the first model in Mazda’s Large Product Group and combines superb product appeal with even lower environmental impacts. Focusing on the company’s unique approach to carmaking, the development team elevated the main attraction of the Mazda brand, namely the joy of driving, to new heights while realizing the highest possible environmental and safety performance. Learn about the characteristic technologies that define Mazda’s identity while listening to behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the leading engineers of the CX-60.


  1. Strategy of MAZDA and CX-60 features.

    Shibata Kohei
    Program Manager
    Product Development Division.

  2. New 7th generation large FR platform.

    Mushitani Yasuyoshi
    Senior Principal Engineer
    Chassis Dynamics Development Department.
    Vehicle Development Division.

  3. New 3.3L Inline-6 diesel engine.

    Tomizawa Kazuhiro
    Program Manager
    Powertrain Development Division.

  4. New 8-speed automatic transmission,Hybrid technology.

    Doi Junichi
    Program Manager
    Powertrain Development Division.

  5. Mixed production technology for multiple models.

    Okabayashi Naomichi
    Staff Manager
    Trim & Final Assembly Engineering Group.
    Painting,Trim & Final Assembly Engineering Department.
    Production Engineering Division.

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Kohei Shibata
Project General Manager
Product Development Center
Mazda Motor Corporation
Kohei Shibata
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